Post-COVID 19 modernization in the travel industry

Travelers would always expect a safe and convenient journey in the pandemic period. Because travel is the major influence that rises the dead counts and is one the chief restricted industry by the government. It is a great source and origin of the pandemic period. So the begins the smart innovation due to COVID 19 to safeguard travelers from death.

Safe and secure remodeling

The travel industry introduced and standardized some of the remodeling processes at this pandemic period. So the industry created the chatbots, reservations, mobility patterns to manage the visitors, artificial intelligence, IoT, 5G,service-oriented robotic software, gamification methodology for emotional scanning.

Replacing the workers 

The management can replace the workers who want to interact more with travelers. Instead of the workers, we can provide the robots in the most engaged area. Especially in the hotel, restaurant receptionist would have abundant workload and more interaction with customers. And that can lead to a huge chance for COVID exposure.           

New hygienic standards

The industry offers new advanced technology from a safety point of view. They should keep guests to highly sanitized accessories as the elevators switch, door handles, fittings switches. The industry kept watching and monitoring the guest whether they wear a facemask with complete sanitation. They keep the cleansing agent all over the area and it is easy to sanitize wherever we are.

Speedy online mode 

Nowadays each industry/company, schools, colleges set goals in online transaction payments. Paying online is one of the comforts and safe zone for the guest to keep them away from the pandemic exposure  The travel industry can utilize and optimize this online transaction with the speedy network and error-free server to avoid the crowd at the engaged area.                

Good management system 

If the travel industry would keep a good management system, they would be the stress-free administration. This industry should follow the two things to manage the guest from unintentional exposures. 

Better work hours management

They keep their work hours at proper intervals without keeping full time. They allow only a limited amount of workers and those workers should have knowledge of proper time management.

Better crowd management 

The shortlisted workers appointed with proper training to manage the crowd at the engaged area. And in addition to they would be trained to answer all the customer’s queries.    


The travel industry was always aware of monitoring the guest’s social distance. They should notice whether they sanitize properly at each time. Especially if they touched frequently used accessories by all visitors or guests. They had the best camera surveillance to keep watching the hygienic of the guest.

But if we think of some other angle to avoid pandemic exposure. We can short drive in our personal vehicle. And make our journey at intercity rather than moving out of the station The industry can provide many facilities but we should take care of ourselves from all hazards.

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